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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Week 99

I went to the temple this morning and was moved by the peace I felt there.  The traffic on Main Street was very light and the weather was crisp and sunny.  There was a solitude there that contributed to the feeling.  I hope that all of my readers can feel that when they visit the temple, also.

A few noticeable changes occurred this week.  The gold lettering on both marquis was completed as well as the gold lettering above the East entrance.

Also, all of the construction trailers on the West side have been removed.  For the first time, you can get a really good look at the West side of the temple.

The sidewalks around the temple look like they are complete.  Now the asphalt/road needs to be repaired and completed.


It's a planter bed, not a fountain on the West side.

 Still no progress on the Tabernacle landscaping.

 The roses and the East fountain look beautiful, though you wouldn't know it from these pictures because of the fences.


 The construction offices/trailers are gone!  That must really mean that the completion is near!

 You can really see the West side now that the trailers are gone.

 The sidewalks around the temple seem to be complete.  Now, the roads need to be fixed.

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