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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 65

It was another incredible week of beautiful fall weather.  I took these pictures on Friday, while the sky was so blue.

All of this stone still has to be installed.  Its turning out quite well.
The fence posts are going up on both sides of the temple.
These two pictures show the footings and foundation for the temple signs on the Northeast and Southeast corners of the block.
The concrete is almost ready to pour for the East water fountain.

End of the shift!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Draper Temple

I went to a mission reunion yesterday in Alpine in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the Chilean Mission.  (I served in Santiago, Chile, BTW).  That would make a good story in itself, but what I wanted to share with you are the  photos I took on the way back.

Suncrest Drive connects Alpine with Draper, over the top of the Draper Ridge.  I have never been on that road.  So I took the opportunity.  The leaves have turned a beautiful red-orange color and you can see the entire Utah and Salt Lake Valleys from either side of the ridge.

An added bonus on the way North is the Draper Temple.

Lone Peak
Looking South over Utah Lake

Mount Timpanogos
The Draper Temple

Week 64

Hey, some great things are happening at the temple block!  The landscaping, stone work, water fountain, and the fence are progressing rapidly.  Who knows, maybe some of the landscaping will be done before the long winter comes?  That would give it some time to become established before the dedication.  I took a lot of photos this week because so much was happening.

The copper is still very reflective, as you can see on the East tower.

The stained glass windows on the south side, third story have been installed.

This contractor is obviously involved in the landscaping
I think that this large, waterproofed hole will be for a  large tree.
The landscaping on the North and South of the temple will be on top of the underground parking.  This insulation, that is nearly a foot thick, will be underneath the soil. I guess to keep the roots warm, because the parking will not be heated and the soil would not warm up in the Spring?

The stone layers at work on the South parking structure.
These fence posts are on the South side of the temple.
Fence posts on the North stairs from the underground parking

These photos show the construction of the fountain directly East of the main entrance.
These letters directly over the East entrance still haven't had the gold leaf applied

Close up of the stone work
Another view of the fence posts on the North side of the temple.
These posts are on the South side of the temple.
This excavation is on the Northeast corner of the temple block.  There is an identical one on the Southwest corner.  I believe that it will be some landscaping feature.
This plan view shows the Northeast and Southeast corners where the excavations for the landscaping or perhaps the marquis (Can I call it that?) will be. (Right side, top and bottom)
Architectural fiberglass panels for where??

Here is a whole load of fence posts with the peach blossom motif.

These fence post are installed on the North side of the temple.
Close up of peach blossom on the top of the railing post (post is on it's side)

Close up of the architectural fiberglass panels

The remaining ceiling of the parking structure West of the temple has been poured
Cleaning out the cement mixer