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Thursday, April 28, 2011


There is a web cam of the temple site.  Great idea!  I'm glad someone did it!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Week 39

Yesterday was another great day to watch the construction on the temple.  I am amazed each week to see the progress that has occurred.  For example, they are starting to install the ventilation ducts for the heating and air conditioning on the second floor and the East steeple is reaching the sky!

I also met a Big-D construction worker, named Jeronimo F.  He is a carpenter and has worked for Big-D for 15 years.  I gave him one of my blog referral cards, so I hope he looks it up.  So, Hello Jeronimo!

Pouring the concrete for the underground parking garage

How would you like to be an eternal welder?
Pouring the concrete for the columns of the underground parking

See the duct work!?

These stairs lead from the underground parking to the East entrance of the temple.  There are identical stairs on the North side as well.

Northeast corner steeple


The smaller steeples on the West side remain to be completed
I can't figure out what this wall around the outside of the basement will be?  Maybe for mechanical systems?

Week 39 Aerial Photos

The regular photographer, Junior, was with me today when I went flying.  He takes better photos than I can flying alone.