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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where's Waldo

I have been trying some new page elements on my blog, but last week I couldn't get blogger to use the right size for my header photo.  It was either too big to fit on the page, or it was thumbnail sized.  Today, it's kind of in between.  Mind you, I haven't changed anything. Blogger seems to have a gremlin.

For readers not from Brigham City or the surrounding communities, see if you can find the "B" in the header picture.  Just like the kids' book of Where's Waldo.  Where's the "B"?

Saturday Drive

I went for a drive yesterday to escape the inversion.  I thought if I could get up high enough, I might break through the fog and see the sun!  Yes, the sun was in Mantua.  It was very cold but seeing the sun felt good.  Sometimes, I wonder how my ancestors coped with the long winters in Northern Europe.  They didn't have much choice and at least I have electric lights and central heat.  Still I dream of palm trees and sandy beaches.
Leaving the inversion and approaching Mantua

Mantua Reservoir frozen over

Week 27

This was a week of more inversions, as you can see from the overcast in the pictures I took today.  Fortunately, the construction work continues.  This has become one thing that I really look forward to each week.

South side of the Temple showing the underground parking structure & reinforcing steel


North underground parking structure and reinforcing steel

Reinforcing steel for the south underground parking

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 26

It's great to see progress each week in the construction.  The basement walls are rapidly being completed and footings for the parking structures are in work.  Now that the Ogden Temple is going to be closed on the second of April, I think I am even more anxious to see the Brigham City Temple completed!

North underground parking area


South underground parking structure