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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ogden Temple Reconstruction - Moroni has left the building

I'm sure that many readers of this blog have attended the Ogden Temple at one time or another.  I stopped by yesterday to see how the reconstruction was going.  There is barely anything recognizable left!

As I reported before, the parking structure is completely gone; only a dirt field remains.  The temple itself has been completely gutted, only the basic structure is still in place.

It made me a little sad to see the condition of the temple, since I remember how it was inside.  I hope the reconstruction will result in an even more beautiful building.

The round part of the floors on the West have been removed

I think this steel structure was part of the steeple

East side round floors are still in place
Even the Tabernacle has been gutted

Empty field formerly occupied by the parking garage

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