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Friday, August 5, 2011

Week 53

The construction is to the point that changes are not very visible.  The work on the parking structures is continuing and looks nearly complete, but it isn't very dramatic.

I love to see the white spires against the brilliant blue sky.

The concrete tensioning cables have been trimmed to length
Here the tensioning cables have been potted in with concrete

Access hatch for the roof on the Northeast corner

Only a few joints remain to be sealed in the exterior wall panels.  Notice the dark black line underneath the two middle arch windows.
These rigid foam panels will be used to insulate the roof.

North parking structure ready to pour the roof

More parking structure to be poured
South underground parking

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  1. You've taken some great photos of the temple. I was wondering if I could copy some and paste them for my blog? I'd credit the blog/whomever took the photos. Please let me know. Thanks for your help.