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Friday, December 31, 2010

Week 22

OK, so being a construction worker in a blizzard wouldn't be that rewarding. I starting taking these pictures in the rain, which promptly turned to hail and then a full on blizzard.

The reinforcing steel for the south in-fill wall can be seen here. There is a lot less steel than in the corners.

Here, the crane is setting the rebar for the Northeast corner.

This guy at the top of the wall doing the pour sure earned his pay as the blizzard started!

These photos were taken before the blizzard started.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas at Temple Square

What would Christmas be in Utah without a trip to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights and the Nativities? Here are some photos that I took on a trip a couple of days ago with my family. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

What a beautiful Christmas tree in the lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building!

This Nativity, in the middle of the reflecting pond, is directly east of the Salt Lake Temple. It is quite stunning at night.

What a beautiful Christmas tree located in the South Visitors' Center!
This incredible model of the Salt Lake Temple is also in the South Visitors' Center. It must be fairly new, since I have not seen it before. (I would love to see one like this of the Brigham City Temple!)
Model cutaway of the east side of the temple.

You can look up from the model and see the real thing through the giant windows! It is well worth the trip and is truly amazing.

Here is a little history of the statue of the Angel Moroni and its sculptor, Cyrus Dallin.

I am so grateful for diamond saws, drills and power tools, not to mention trucks and heavy equipment, electricity, gasoline, and diesel. Otherwise, the Brigham City Temple would have to be build like the Salt Lake Temple and it would take 40 years instead of 2 years. Now, the contractor can build the structure from concrete and steel and just use thin slabs of stone for the exterior.

The only drawback I see is that we, as individual members, do not get to participate directly in the construction of the temple. I think that would be a deeply rewarding experience to be able to say, "I helped build this or that on the temple."

This blog is my way of participating in the construction of the Brigham City Temple.

The model of Jerusalem as it was believed to have been at the time of Christ's mortal life. This is found in the North Visitors' Center on Temple Square in Salt Lake.