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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week 57

One year ago, the temple site looked like this:

Today, the temple and site looks like this:

This is truly a miracle.  You may recall that the Salt Lake Temple took 40 years of hard labor to build (and it is one of my favorite temples), but what beneficiaries we are to have the ability to erect such a beautiful temple to this state of completion in just one year!

Detail of stone work

Stone work will cover the top and sides of the concrete wall coming from the underground parking

OK, so I am fascinated by the mechanics of the post-tensioned concrete deck of the parking structure?
Forest of temporary bracing to pour the deck of the underground parking

Ogden Temple Reconstruction - Moroni has left the building

I'm sure that many readers of this blog have attended the Ogden Temple at one time or another.  I stopped by yesterday to see how the reconstruction was going.  There is barely anything recognizable left!

As I reported before, the parking structure is completely gone; only a dirt field remains.  The temple itself has been completely gutted, only the basic structure is still in place.

It made me a little sad to see the condition of the temple, since I remember how it was inside.  I hope the reconstruction will result in an even more beautiful building.

The round part of the floors on the West have been removed

I think this steel structure was part of the steeple

East side round floors are still in place
Even the Tabernacle has been gutted

Empty field formerly occupied by the parking garage

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Daily Universe

The Brigham City Temple received some front page publicity in the July 13th edition of the BYU newspaper, The Daily Universe.  Some of my good readers referred the journalist to my website and he called me and I sent him the photo of the workers installing the Angel Moroni.  (Never mind that the football article right next to it is in 72 point font.)

Thanks, Mimi for getting me a copy of the paper!

Week 56

The construction on the parking structures is going full steam and the internal insulation is also still in work.  There must be a lot to do on the insulation, since I thought the sub-contractor would be done weeks ago.

Also, I finally saw where the rock work is going to go.

Here is the rock work on a wall on the South parking structure
More rock work
Here is the stone for the rock work
Internal wall with steel studs
More internal walls
This part of the South Underground parking is covered with water proofing.  I wonder if there will be landscaping on top of this?
Cool purple rebar for the North Parking Structure
First story windows
Foam insulation on the inside.  It must be about 4 inches thick.
More insulation
Close up of the tensioning cables for the North Parking Structure