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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week 56

The construction on the parking structures is going full steam and the internal insulation is also still in work.  There must be a lot to do on the insulation, since I thought the sub-contractor would be done weeks ago.

Also, I finally saw where the rock work is going to go.

Here is the rock work on a wall on the South parking structure
More rock work
Here is the stone for the rock work
Internal wall with steel studs
More internal walls
This part of the South Underground parking is covered with water proofing.  I wonder if there will be landscaping on top of this?
Cool purple rebar for the North Parking Structure
First story windows
Foam insulation on the inside.  It must be about 4 inches thick.
More insulation
Close up of the tensioning cables for the North Parking Structure

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