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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Reno Nevada Temple

I went to Reno with my dad in September to see the National Air Races, something I have wanted to do since I saw the RB-51 Red Baron when I was a kid in Elko, Nevada.


I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed seeing the planes, but I also got to go with my dad to the Reno Temple.

Here he is. I got this photo while he wasn't looking.  He was trying to avoid any photos. 

The temple was peaceful, quiet and beautiful!



Friday, October 2, 2015

Old Nauvoo Town

We also visited Old Nauvoo Town, while we were in the Mid-West.  I enjoyed it, except for the oppressive heat.  We rushed from one air conditioned building to the next.  

Old Navoo reminded me of This is the Place State Park in Utah, being from the same era. The town was much smaller than I imagined it.  I'm glad the Mormons came to Utah.  Salt Lake is a much bigger place with room to grow for quite a while (as long as everyone doesn't want to live right downtown)!

Statue of The Prophet Joseph Smith and Brigham Young
The Mississippi River View from the end of Parley Street, looking West to Iowa. It was hard to believe that the river froze over when the Mormons left Nauvoo. It was sooo hot when we were there in July!

This is how you got across the river with a wagon, circa 1838

My heart went out to this missionary in the blacksmith shop. It was already too hot without being next to the forge! We all got a ring made from horseshoe nails and the story of the "diamond".

Graves of Joseph, Hyrum and Emma

I sure like blogger and Wordpress better than the old fashioned ink and paper!

This is believed to be the actual rocking horse of the son of Lorenzo Snow. (At least I think it was Lorenzo Snow.)

Souvenir bricks from Historic Nauvoo. Before they are fired, they are the tan color shown here.  They become red after they are fired.