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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Draper Temple

I went to a mission reunion yesterday in Alpine in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the Chilean Mission.  (I served in Santiago, Chile, BTW).  That would make a good story in itself, but what I wanted to share with you are the  photos I took on the way back.

Suncrest Drive connects Alpine with Draper, over the top of the Draper Ridge.  I have never been on that road.  So I took the opportunity.  The leaves have turned a beautiful red-orange color and you can see the entire Utah and Salt Lake Valleys from either side of the ridge.

An added bonus on the way North is the Draper Temple.

Lone Peak
Looking South over Utah Lake

Mount Timpanogos
The Draper Temple

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  1. Brother Rex,
    Thank you for both of your posts today. I seem to be dreadfully homesick today and it was nice to see more of our beautiful temple's progress. Thank you for continuing to post now that the the building is complete on the outside. I am very grateful for the little piece of my home (Brigham City) that you bring to me every time you post on this blog. I also appreciate the colors on the mountains (I yearn for the mountains when I am home sick) and the views of the Draper temple, my husband and I were married there last fall.