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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 95

Sunday was a beautiful day to see the progress on the temple.  Curb and gutter and sidewalks are quickly surrounding the block and the landscaping continues.

I can only wonder at the work on the inside.  Do you suppose that any furniture is in there yet?  Someone please let me know when the furniture delivery trucks start showing up.

Also, the wards have been taking applications for ushers, interpreters, and other volunteers to help with the open house.  Get yours in soon, if you wish to participate.

These two photos show the new curb and gutter on the Northwest corner of the block.
 The sidewalk along Main Street has been removed and will be replaced as the landscaping is completed.
 The reflection of the tabernacle spire in the East window of the temple
 It looks like the water will cascade in three rivulets on each side of the water fountain, which is finished in granite.

 I expected more work to have been completed on the tabernacle landscaping, but only the ditch in the center of the block has been enclosed.


 This large crane was used to suspend some workers in a basket over the East entrance of the temple as they completed some project.  I guess that a smaller cherry picker could not be used because of the fountain and landscaping in the front?

 The West entrance and fountain are still in work.  Curiosity killed the cat and I am curious how it will look when it is all done.  Good thing I am not a cat.



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