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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tour De Great Salt Lake

I hope my readers won't mind a brief aside.  A week ago Saturday, the weather was nice enough for a flight around Northern Utah.

I left Brigham City and flew west to the Golden Spike Site and then south to Rozel Bay and the Spiral Jetty.  Then, south along the Promontory Peninsula, across the Union Pacific Railroad Causeway and around Fremont Island.  The return leg took me over the evaporation ponds of Western Zirconium and along the south end of Willard Bay and back to Brigham.

Unless you have access to a plane, you probably haven't seen the diverse colors of the Great Salt Lake.  It really is quite amazing.  I hope you enjoy these.

 The red line shows my approximate flight path.

 Rozel Bay and flats


 The the West side of the Promontory Mountains
 View looking West from Rozel Bay
 This section of the causeway is near the tip of the Promontory Peninsula.
 The Union Pacific Causeway separating the North half of the lake from the South.  The North half supports a red algae and doesn't get the freshwater runoff that the South does.  (The North half is much more salty.)  This creates the dramatic difference in the colors.
 The evaporation ponds that Western Zirconium uses to extract minerals from the lake water
and back to Brigham

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the pics. I'm a recent Utahn and appreciate the flight photos.
    Last year I volunteered at the Tour de Cure and saw the temple sans Moroni. I went back a month or so later and the statue was atop the spire. I look forward to seeing it again in June for this year's Tour de Cure. I love the Tabernacle across the street, too. Brigham City is a cute little town. I look forward to my trip in two weeks.