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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week 93

This morning was conference for the Brigham City Stake.  It was a beautiful, clear and crisp morning.  I took a few minutes and strolled over to the temple while I was waiting for conference to start in the Tabernacle and took these photos.

During the week, Big D removed the green privacy "foliage" from the chain link fence on the Northeast corner of the temple block.  Now, we can get a glimpse of what the block will look like when the temple is completed.

President Davis of the Brigham City Stake told us that the temple district will correspond exactly with the original Box Elder Stake that was created on August 19, 1877 by Brigham Young - from Mantua on the East to Grouse Creek on the West, and Malad on the North to Willard on the South.  Isn't that a great blessing for the pioneers of this area.  Their hard work, dedication, vision and faith has yielded great dividends for us.

The Church is also asking for ushers and translators to help with the open house.  However, it wasn't clear to me if you needed to be available full time.  I think I will put in an application anyway, even though I have a regular day job.

 The East fountain is being done with gray granite that looks like that of the Salt Lake Temple.

 There is also a fountain at the West entrance.

 The grass is going to look fantastic when the sod is placed.

The green privacy "foliage" has been removed from the Northeast corner, giving us a preview of how it will look when complete.


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