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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week 90

Thursday brought us another Spring snowstorm, but just in the mountains.  Brigham got some much needed rain.

Workers are starting on the South sidewalks and repairing the streets adjacent to them, but there seems to be a lot of landscaping to complete.

Lots of trees to plant
South sidewalk ready to be poured
Floodlights for the temple along Main Street
These guys are installing the cap stones on the rock walls.
Installing pavers at the East Entrance
Waterproofing for the water fountain
Still no gold leaf for the main entrance title.  Maybe that is one of the last things done when the temple is finished?
Spring snow in the mountains
The window in the West Steeple has been removed for some reason
Sconce light at the underground entrance to the temple
These letters over the underground entrance haven't been gilded either.
Some beautiful flowering trees at the West parking entrance
And, did you know there is a full size statue of a horse across the street from the temple at 100 West?

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