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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Technical Difficulties in Week 89

After last Friday's snow storm, I went and took pictures of the temple block.  It didn't occur to me until a day later that my daughter, who had borrowed my camera to do some free lance work, had changed the setting for the picture format.  I thought, no problem, I will just have her save them for me in jpg format.

Well, it was a nice thought.  she tried to open the raw images in Photoshop, but my new camera has a new raw format.  Even after some searching on the internet for the right plugin for Photoshop, we still couldn't open the pictures. She promised to call Adobe and find the right plugin, but I decided to retake the photos for this week.

Of course, by Monday, when I took these, the weather had drastically changed and it was hot and the snow was long gone.  That's alright, because the work at the temple goes on and I am certainly getting anxious to see the inside during the public open house.  The landscaping outside is going to be fabulous also, which I am watching closely.

The painters park and Smith's and walk to work.
Trees are everywhere.
Trees and the South sidewalk almost ready to pour!
Sawing the capstones for the rock walls
Lots of capstones to complete the work
More trees
Six Sycamore trees were removed last week from the park strip in front of the temple.  Their stumps were ground down, which you can see here.  I hope you're not offended by the removal of the trees.  I honestly believe that the remaining trees and the new landscaping will be spectacular.
Looks like it is almost ready for sod!
Beautiful trees in bloom on Main Street
These two pictures show the West entrances to the underground parking.  The rail between the light posts will probably have a warning sign for high profile vehicles trying to enter.  The decorative work on top of the rail mimics the ornamental fence around the temple.
The daffodils were blooming at the Tabernacle!
The removal of the trees significantly opens up the view of the temple from the tabernacle

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