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Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 86

It snowed again, but it was the kind of snow that I like; big fluffy flakes that cover everything and don't last so long that I have to shovel them.  Everything looks white and delicate.

Top soil for the planting beds
Top soil ready for planting
The trees are budding and still need to be planted!
The rock work on the Northeast corner is coming along
Lots of capstones for the rock walls
Ready for planting!
This shot shows the fountain in front of the temple.  I thought it was going to be round, but here it is clearly square.
Tree root ball ready to be planted
This moss covered tree across the street from the Temple caught my eye.  The green really stood out!
Pillar at the West entrance
The West underground parking entrance is really looking good.  The landscaping will make it look even better.  I think the green colors will bring out the rock work even more.

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