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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Elder & Sister Peck

Elder and Sister Peck, the Brigham City Temple Construction Missionaries gave a fireside for my Stake last Sunday.  Sister Peck told of small and large miracles that have surrounded the temple and its construction.

Elder Peck told about sharing the gospel with the construction workers, including one family from Clark Pacific (the company that made the exterior panels) who were baptized.  The fireside was very uplifting.

Elder Peck started his talk by asking us what untruths our Stake told us to get us to come to the fireside.  He explained that he doesn't know when the construction will be completed, when the open house will be, or when the dedication will be.  So, he said that the Stake must have told us fibs to fill the Stake Center.

Elder Peck, Sister Peck & Me
They couldn't tell us much about the progress of the construction, but they did give us some clues.  They said that the "artists" are now at work, such as the tile and marble workers and the folks painting murals.  Elder Peck said that we will be amazed when we finally get to see the inside.

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