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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week 85

I'm late once again, but this time I have a good excuse.  I was on a business trip to Huntsville, Alabama all last week.  I took these photos on Sunday, after I got back.  No workers were on site because of the Sabbath, but I could see the progress they made during the week.

While I was in Alabama, I had the chance to talk with some members there.  They knew I was from Brigham and asked about the temple.  Of course, I gave them one of my cards with this blog address.  I also asked them about their temple.  The closest one is in Birmingham, about three hours away.  How blessed we are to have one within walking distance.

They are also blessed, because previously, the closest temple was Atlanta and before that the Washington DC temple was the closest.

Lamp posts and trees
The copper roof is not as shiny as it was.  The patina is starting to develop.
These are capstones for the rock walls that surround the temple.
The workers are preparing to pour the sidewalk to the front door of the temple.
It seems the workers are still fiddling with the trim around some of the windows.  I wonder why?
These are the West windows with Kraft paper on the inside - more painting.
Moroni with his lightning rods. One on his head and one on the trumpet.
The East entrance to the underground parking is looking nearly complete.
The morning sun really makes the temple look brilliant.

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