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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week 69

Last Friday, I took these photos of the temple and the construction work going on outside.  The stone masons were busy and I captured some of their work.

Big storm in Cache Valley spilling over the mountains East of Brigham
Curb for the parking and entrance
The last leaves of fall before they were covered with snow
This starts the whole series of photos on the rock work
Chiseling the stone to fit it into place
Cutting and fitting the individual stones
More mortar
The stones are held in place with wire until the mortar sets. Notice the thin line running in front of the stones.
The wire is cut flush to the stones after the mortar sets.

The copper is still bright and shiny.  No patina yet!
Another retaining wall on the Northwest corner of the block and more concrete!
A storm was raging over in Cache Valley and was spilling over the Wellsvilles into Brigham.
West stairs up to the first level
The scaffolding that was on the East side of the temple left some ugly black marks just below the plywood doors on the third floor.  Luckily, this week, they have been removed.

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