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Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 67

I was able to take these photos Friday afternoon.  There were dozens of workers at the temple block.  I suppose there is the same amount of work going on inside, which leads me to believe that the temple might be completed  and dedicated next Spring!

The landscaping and work on the parking structures is progressing well.  The majority of the precast concrete panels are in place on the West entrance.  It is really going to be beautiful!  The color of the precast exterior panels on the parking structure are a light grey.  I think it will go very well with the rest of the temple lot, especially the stone work.

All of this stone and these pavers need to be placed.

Beautiful peach blossom window!

South Marquis on Main Street


East fountain

North Marquis on Main Street

More views of the precast concrete panels on the West of the parking structure

West stairs from street level to the parking level.  The square cutouts are for lighting.

Installing one of the beautiful peach blossom windows

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