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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week 45

The progress on the Temple is phenomenal.  I wasn't able to take pictures during working hours on Friday, so I didn't see the Big-D employees laboring on the construction, but it was evident on the outside.

The exterior panels are being installed and the underground parking structure is progressing, with the South Parking farther ahead than the North Parking structure.

A fireside is being held on the 26th of June in the Tabernacle, where the man that builds(?) the Moroni statues will speak.  Word has it that Moroni will be installed on the week of the 4th of July.

The red cables will be used to compress the concrete beams that hold up the roof of the parking structure.

The red cables will be inserted in the holes you see here.

The concrete beam will run North and South where you see the green colored rebar.  The red cables will be stretched to hold the concrete in compression.

Top rungs of the ladder that will be inside the West tower.

The yellow columns are the temporary support for the roof of the parking structure.  There will be parking inside (underneath) and on top.

This is the new pole that will connect the temple to the electric grid at 300 S and 100 W.  The power connection will come down the pole and under the street.
This machine drilled the hole under 300 South for the electrical connection.

Close up of the drill bit.
This is the electrical conduit that goes under 300 South.

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  1. Thank you for these photos. I looked at the site a few weeks back and it looks like there is a large room under the west tower (this space on the east tower is occupied by the celestial room ceiling. Is this a sealing room? I know there are/were two sealing rooms in the towers of the Logan temple.... Wondering if you knew or could supply information on how the various Rooms will be laid out? (The basement also seems rather large for its use.)