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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ogden Temple Reconstruction

Some errands took me to Ogden yesterday, so I stopped and checked out the progress on the Ogden Temple Reconstruction.  Obviously, I can't see inside the structure, but there are some apparent changes on the outside.

For one, the entire parking garage is gone.  The entry to the temple has been demolished and a lot of the curb and gutter has been ripped out.  But, Moroni is still on duty, proclaiming the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ with his trumpet.  BTW, does anyone know of a good quote by latter day prophets for the Moroni Statue on the temples?

The parking garage is gone

The entry has been demolished
I wonder how and when Moroni will be removed?

You can see clear through the Tabernacle

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  1. I've occasionally noticed something nearing adulation of the angel Moroni statue by our members, or at least a tendency to mistake it for the symbol of our faith. Those not of our faith sometimes think it's some sort of idol, or statue of Joseph Smith, or the equivalent of a Catholic icon. I think that's why the Brethren have said relatively little about the angel Moroni statues. See