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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week 59

We have officially reached that enviable position of the exterior being complete with me and you not being able to see what is going on inside the temple.

I will continue to update this blog each week and will try to make it interesting while the construction progresses until we can see the finished temple at the open house and dedication.

Significant work continues to be done on the outside of the building and parking structures.  It just isn't that glamorous.  There were some items of notice, though.  Gold leaf was being applied to the words over the East entrance and the stone work around the parking was progressing.

I think the copper roof will look better when it weathers a bit to a light green patina.
Stone work along the Southwest side of the parking structure
I can't figure what these footings are for.  They are on the Southeast side of the parking structure.

See the gold leaf on some of the letters

It appears that there will be landscaping directly adjacent to the temple and actually on top of the underground parking

Notice the black water proofing over the top of the North parking structure.  It extends a few feet up the side of the temple foundation.  This makes me believe that landscaping will be put here.

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  1. There will still be exterior progress to follow--they have to install the windows, for instance.

    Your assumptions about landscaping on the parking garage are correct. The website below shows the plan that was released before the groundbreaking, and you can clearly see landscaping on the roof of the garage. (You have to scroll down a little bit.)