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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week 58

Yesterday was one of the nicest days ever.  The temperature was very pleasant and the sky was blue.  The workers were busy on the temple, inside and out.  Unfortunately, I can't see what the inside workers are doing, but I do have some idea, since I saw wall board being unloaded at the site.

The stone masons are busy on the parking structure.  The stone looks really good.  I can't wait to see how the landscaping compliments the rest of the building and parking.


I thought the roof would have been done long ago.  I guess we sill just have to wait to see how it turns out.


These are the stairs from the underground parking to the front (East) entrance.


  1. Oh boy, I get to be the first to reveal how the roof will turn out! (On this blog, that is; has already made note).

    It's going to be a copper roof, like the roof of the Salt Lake Temple. In fact, you can already see some of the copper roofing in place in the third photo of this post. I think it will look good in its oxidized green color, but even more so when it's brand-new and shiny.

  2. I heard the roof was going to be copper. That would be an interesting look.