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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Moroni is in Place

The day started out rainy, but that didn't seem to stop the crowds.  Most brought umbrellas and chairs to watch from the lawn of the tabernacle.

 All four streets around the temple were closed off for spectators

Last view of the steeple without Moroni

This crane carried a basket of three workers who installed Moroni

Good motto for temple patrons

Our first view of Moroni
Still raining
Chopper 5 was flying in the rain.  I guess they don't mind repainting the rotors more often

The rain stopped and the sky cleared, but then the wind was blowing
The workers unhooked the strap from the statue and the spectators had to wait for the wind to die down.  Here they hooked up the lifting strap for the second try

The Big D worker said the anemometer on top of the crane had to read less than 8 miles per hour for the crane to be used and it was as high as 11 mph
Spectators on the roof of Smith's Marketplace
After a couple hours of waiting, the spectators got see Moroni hoisted to the top



Spectators watching the Moroni statue being hoisted to the East steeple

The clouds disappeared and it got hot

Finally in place

Moroni's trumpet proclaiming the Everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ to the four corners of the Earth

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