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Friday, May 20, 2011

Week 43

Wow!  Amazing things are happening at the temple site.  (Should we call it Temple Square?)  The exterior panels are being placed and it is making the temple look like a temple really fast.

Big D brought in one of the biggest cranes I have ever seen (I know I need to get out more) to lift the concrete panels into place.  I was able to see some of them hoisted off the truck and attached to the front of the temple.

I hope you enjoy watching the progress as much as I do!  I also met some fans of my blog this morning while I was taking these photos.  They said nice things about the blog, so thanks to all my readers!!!

This is how the exterior panels arrive - by truck

This is big crane!
Close up of one of the exterior panels
This panel weighs 16,500 pounds!

These bolts hold the exterior panels in place
This impromptu notch in the backside of this panel corresponds with the cut the workers made in the steel beam. Notice the debris where the notch was chiseled out.

This is the crane!

These are the forms for the roof of the parking garage on the South side of the Temple

This panel weighs 20,000 pounds!
Bolts holding the exterior panel in place
Someone apparently made a miscalculation and the workers had to cut this beam so the exterior panel would fit

Rubber bumper between the exterior panel and the concrete
The panels rest on some sort of a rubber bumper

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