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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Week 106

The landscaping work at the Tabernacle is going like gangbusters, and with good reason - they need to be done in two weeks.  Here are some photos of the progress:

The same stone from the Temple will be used at the Tabernacle.


 The irrigation ditch is completely enclosed.  These footings are on the South corner of Main Street.  May the old sign to the Tabernacle will be reused here?
 New steps to the Tabernacle!

 They saved the sign to the Tabernacle.  I wonder were it will end up in the final landscaping?
New steps to the Tabernacle!
 The front doors of the Temple were covered with Kraft paper.  Are they still painting or...?

 These temporary rooms built in the South underground parking will be used for the light refreshments and reception after the tour of the temple during the open house.
 View of the Temple from Perry
 View of the sunset to the West of Brigham.  Little Mountain is the knob in the middle of the picture.

 The fountain in front of the East Temple entrance has water!

 A nice bench to relax on and contemplate the eternities.


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