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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week 32

The weather was warmish on Friday, the sky was blue, and the construction workers were busy erecting the steel for the floors of the temple.  It looked like most of the decking for the first floor was in place.  Maybe in the coming week, they will pour the concrete for the first floor.

I spent about 40 minutes walking around the temple block watching the beehive of activity.  I am really pleased to see the progress each week, and as I have said before, the construction details fascinate me.  

I wonder if Big D would hire me at minimum wage.  I know how to use a wheelbarrow and a shovel.  They could give me menial tasks to do, like "pick this up" or "clean that up".  Actually, it would be a way for me to get closer to the actual construction so I could gawk more.


First floor decking

Pretty purple epoxy coated rebar fittings.  You don't see these every day.



  1. Thanks for your weekly photos!

  2. Thanks again for all your work to post each week the temple construction pictures.