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Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 29

The sun was out today, so I took advantage of the weather and got some photos of the construction.  I hope all you readers aren't getting bored of all the same pictures of concrete and rebar.  

I'm just a funny engineer who enjoys watching the details of the construction and imagining that I am a big, tuff construction worker climbing on the steel, gettin' ready for the next pour, laughing at the snow, mud and rain.  A real Walter Mitty.

This temple is going to be astonishing and impressive when it is completed!  One of my daughters even mentioned that she might like to get married here in a few years.

PS.  If the weather holds out tomorrow, I am going to get some aerial photos of the temple.  Stay posted.

I can't figure out what this is.  Maybe the architectural details on the corners or stairs from the parking level?

I guess that this must be a heated entry way from the parking level?  Why else would it be insulated?
They are cutting this insulating foam with a hot wire

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  1. Keep the photos coming -- I enjoy looking at each step in the process and knowing that before too long we will have this beautiful edifice in our midst.